Quick Lunch Ideas When You Have No Idea What to Make

Today we are talking lunch. We have a roundup of quick lunch ideas to not only help when you have no idea what to make for lunch but to also keep you within budget by helping you stretch your paycheck as far as it can go. 

Quick Lunch Ideas

If your children are in school the cost to purchase lunch is outrageous! If you have multiple kids in school forget it! School lunches are just way too expensive.

If you homeschool I know that there is not a lot of time to make lunch with your busy schedule. You need something quick so you can get on with your day. Something that can be prepped ahead of time so that as your running out the door for an afternoon lesson you will not be tempted to just grab a quick something from your local fast food restaurant.  

I know it is super easy to get in a lunchtime rut too. You start to serve the same things over and over. It becomes hard to try to come up with a lunch that your child will eat. Who has the time to think of what to put in your child’s lunch day after day? 

Here are 15 of my favorite resources I use to make lunchtime quick and easy at my house.

Quick Lunch Ideas When You Have No Idea What to Make

1. EasyLunchBoxes “Yummy Lunch Ideas for packed lunch boxes Need some inspiration? EasyLunchboxes Containers are perfect for packing yummy lunches for school, work, or travel.”

2. 31 Days of School Lunchbox Ideas “I know how busy and intense the transition from lazy summer days at the pool to adjusting back to the 6:30 am wake up calls can beโ€ฆso I thought Iโ€™d help out by sharing a different lunchbox idea each day this month.”

3. Packed Lunches Arenโ€™t Just For Kids over 30 packed lunch ideas, plus resources, tips, and ideas to make it easy.    

4. Wendolonia Bento Box Gallery  over 2500 pages of lunch ideas

Quick Lunch Ideas When You Have No Idea What to Make 

5. Bento Gallery  Inspiration galore here! So fun and creative too!

6. 125+ HEALTHY LUNCH BOX IDEAS and printable list

7. MyPlate Meal Ideas Pinterest board for MyPlate many meal ideas here!

8. The Ultimate Mason Jar Salad Tutorial and Recipe Round-Up

 Quick Lunch Ideas When You Have No Idea What to Make


10. How to Prep for the Week in One Afternoon 

11. Practical School Lunch Ideas (Cold & Hot) 

12. 85 Lunch Ideas 

13. Back To School Lunch Ideas Free Printable Ideas 

14. Our Version of the Bento Box

15. This is such an awesome site!  This mom documented every lunch she packed for her child.

Want more?  


Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas (on a Budget)

lunch ideas 

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